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5 Effective Marketing Tips for Your Banquet Hall

Whether your hall is designed as an ancient mansion, a classy building, or is a part of an already top-notch hotel, proper and well-versed marketing efforts are essential for success. Obviously your target market includes soon-to-be couples, families or individuals celebrating special events like birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc., businesses, real estate networking, and many more. Let’s see how you can make the most out of your marketing plan than can help you enhance your brand recognition and awareness.
1. Go Online
Demanding for visuals or getting a chance to see the hall in person is the basic demand for any client. Make it convenient for customers to see your hall by uploading high definition images taken from different angles and places on your website. Add specific pictures of several rooms individually each with different size and accommodation requirements. If your hall is accustomed in conducting weddings as your specialty, then room pictures for reception area is ideal to give the customer what they are actually looking for. In website, you can also the parking facilities and other perks you may be offering.
2. Design Brochure
Brochures may have become a traditional marketing effort, but they are still used creatively to grasp customers. A brochure can be sent to prospective clients or simply given after an appointment. In the brochure, add pictures of different types of events your hall has conducted. For instance, if you are meeting a potential client or family looking to conduct their beloved kid’s birthday party, they can most probably turn down your hall considering it inappropriate if there is no photograph in the brochure showcasing a kid’s birthday party.
3. Corporate Entities
Your hall will most likely be eyed by corporate businesses for weekdays or weeknights’ functions as this is the time normally the halls are vacant. Send out well-crafted invitations to companies’ CEOs or other top-tier professionals along with your brochure asking them to visit your office premises. Gatherings like employee promotions party, annual dinner, sales meetings, new product launch success celebration, etc. are some of the events that typically takes place at such banquet halls. You can even offer to host the event if you are specialized in such corporate activities.
4. Try to Promote Wedding Events on Days other than Saturdays
Wedding receptions account as a bread and butter for any hall business in industry! Often wedding dates are booked around 12 months or more prior to the actual event. The downside comes in the sense that mostly weddings are preferred on Saturdays due to the availabilities of all guests. In your marketing plan you can include discounts and special offers for wedding events if conducted on days other than Saturdays.
5. Use Media for Publicity
Hosting a small charity event at a minimum cost, for e.g., the fee of catering services, gives your business a potential opportunity to spread exposure and gain publicity. Ask the event planner to include a description of your hosting and hall business in any upcoming news release. Apart from this, maintain your own regular publicity campaigns. Invest in content marketing by writing articles such as “What to Look in a Wedding Hall”, “How to Select the Most Reasonably Priced Banquet Halls”, and on other related topics. Providing authentic and quality information helps spread a positive word-of-mouth, which in turn helps in expanding the customer base.